Lenzyme Trap-Cleer for Your Septic System


Lenzyme Trap-Cleer for Your Septic System

Superior Septic Services, LLC, has Lenzyme Trap-Cleer for your septic system. Lenzyme produces and packages enzymes and bacteria for your septic system. Designed to help break down the solids and clear up grease and biological material that can block the pipes between your house and the septic tank, or even between the septic tank and the leach field, the materials are marketed to companies that deal with septic systems. Lenzyme kindly labels the products according the logo of the company that will be retailing them.

When you buy trap-cleer, a substance designed to break down grease and oil in your septic system, from us, it how our logo, Superior Septic Services, LLC, with our little blue mascot on the package. That is your assurance that you are getting an effective product that will help keep your home sanitation system free of unwanted grease and grime buildup, without harming the biota living in your septic tank. You might be aware of the way fat mixed with other waste is beginning to clog sewers in large cities such as New York, London and Seattle. Although it is advisable to pour grease into a container for disposal in your regular trash pickup or recycling system, sometimes even in the best regulated households grease can cause buildup in drains. When that happens Lenzyme Trap-Cleer from our online store can help you clear out the unwanted buildup and keep healthy bacteria colonies performing well inside your septic tank.

You can order Trap-Cleer and other genuine, effective supplies for your home sanitation system from Superior Septic Services, LLC from our online store or you can contact us by calling (425)905-2485. This is just one more way we are endeavoring to help our neighbors and our customers. You might say that our business is taking care of your business.

Septic Zabel A-1800 slide-in outlet filter cartridge for sale

Zabel A 1800 slide in outlet

Spring has sprung, and summer soon begun. In celebration, Superior Septic Services is offering Zabel A-1800 slide-in outlet filter cartridge for sale. We are also offering sale prices on riser lids.

Keeping up with your septic tank is just one of the many chores that are part of your spring and summer clean up and maintenance of your home. To help with the process, we offer quality septic parts and chemicals to help you keep your home sanitation system in its best possible condition. Filters are an important part of that, and changing them out is ordinarily not a big deal – ordinarily, just and open it up, take out the old and put in the new. However, if winter damages or tree roots are causing problems, we are available to lend professional help. While there are many things a home owner can do to help preserve the life of your sanitation system, there are times with some assistance is not only easier, it can save you time and money in the long run.

Proper maintenance of your septic tank also helps save time and money, which is why we offer quality septic materials at a reasonable cost, including Septic Zabel A-1800 slide-in outlet filter cartridge. You can order your parts online or by calling (425) 905-2485. We offer professional-grade parts, and chemicals that actually work and that are beneficial to your septic system. However, if you run into a situation where ordinary maintenance doesn’t answer, you can schedule help from our company at the same number. We try to get back to you within 24 hours, and our team of drivers and our technical crew are courteous, professional and take pride in what they do.

OBlitaroot from Lenzyme: Clear your Lines, and Keep Your Trees

OBlitaroot from Lenzyme: Clear your Lines, and Keep Your Trees

Superior Septic Services, Inc., offers professional grade helpers for your septic tank. Oblitiroot (or Blitiroot as it is sometimes called) from Lenzyme is a compound that can help clear tree roots from your septic lines without harming your trees or bushes.

Trees love septic tanks, and why not? Septic tanks (as far as they are concerned) are full of the goodies that make trees grow big and strong – fertilizer and water. The problem is that tree or bush roots can fill up your septic lines or even your septic tank, leaving little or no room for the things that should go in there. To diagnose obstructions in your tank or lines, call on a professional technician (that’s us) who has a camera that can view the inside of your drain lines and tank. If tree roots turn out to be the problem we can run a cleaning tool down blocked drains and introduce an additive –Oblitaroot—that will discourage the tree roots from coming back. If tree roots are a regular problem, we can sell the product to you and give you instructions on how to use it correctly. The good news here is that even though it discourages tree roots in your drains, it doesn’t damage your trees or shrubs – so your landscaping is safe.

You can order Oblitiroot or Blitiroot directly from Superior Septic Services’ online septic product store, or call (425) 905-2485 to learn more about our products for your home septic system. Unlike many of the additives and so-called septic tank helpers that can be found on the market today, our products work. We also have spare parts such as septic tank lids, replacement lids and the screws needed to hold them down. We understand the spirit of DIY and want to provide quality products for you.

Let’s Keep a Lid on It: Everything You Need to Keep Septic Riser Lids in Good Repair

Standard Riser LId

Every year headlines blazon news such as, “Grandmother trapped in Septic Tank,” “Dog rescued from Septic tank.” One of the leading causes of injury on or around septic tanks is the failure to maintain risers and lids in good condition. Superior Septic Services has the products you need to keep a lid on your septic tank. Check out our septic riser lids, as well as screws and other products needed to keep those septic tank lids doing their job.

We stock standard riser lids in eco-friendly green that blends into surroundings. At the same time, they are unmistakable and are therefore easy to find – something that can be important if your septic tank needs extensive maintenance. We have four sizes: 12, 18, 24, and 30 inches in diameter. Septic lids only ship to Snohomish County.

We also have the screws that you will need to fasten those lids down firmly. They come in two sizes: 3 ½ x 14 inches, and 2 ½ x 14 inches, in sets of four. They are hex slot screws made of stainless steel, and are just the thing to keep those lids firmly battened down to prevent pets, toddlers and even wandering grandmothers from falling into your septic tank. Sadly, they are not impervious to criminal intent – another set of sad events brought to us by news headlines – so don’t neglect your periodic inspections and regular septic tank pumping. Both are useful for revealing problems in your septic tank, including broken baffles or risers that are showing wear.

As always, Superior Septic Services is devoted to helping our neighbors keep their home septic systems in good shape, and that includes providing quality septic riser lids. You can order our products online or call us at (425) 905-2485.

SepticProductsNow.com Celebrates It’s One Year Anniversary

 online Septic Products store

Superior Septic Services added this online product catalog in February of 2017, so this is the one-year anniversary of our online Septic Products store. There are a lot of products out there that say that they are good for your septic tank. In a few cases, that might be true, but too often such things impact your septic tanks performance in a negative way.

We’d like to celebrate our Septic Products one-year anniversary by sharing some thoughts with you – and backing them up with some on-sale products. Maybe you’ve read about the dreaded “fatbergs” that can be found in some city sewers. If you have a habit of pouring grease and cooking oil down your drains, you can get mini-fatbergs in your lines, too! You can help break down these fatty deposits by using Trap-Cleer. It is also good for organic spills. We are coming up on a good time to change out your outlet filters. We stock the Zabel A-1800 slide in filter. We also have standard riser lids on our “for sale” list. Our septic products help you by providing a supply of professional strength and quality items that can be used for basic sewer repairs. Prevention is often the best kind of repair, so we are glad to make lids, screws and simple additives available to you.

Superior Septic Services is celebrating the one-year anniversary of our online Septic Products store, order online or call us at (425)905-2485. We are glad to share access to these professional products. We know that sometimes all it takes to prevent a disaster is to get in ahead of the problem with a replacement lid, a screw or a little something to clean those tree roots out of the drains. We love the business from our customers, but we also like to be good neighbors. Passing along information and making good products available is part of that process.

Try Trap-Cleer for Your Septic System

High Count | Trap-Cleer

Superior Septic Services offers products for your Septic Tank and home sanitation system. As of 12/11/2017, Trap-Cleer is on sale. It comes in boxes of 12 packets – a one-year supply.

Trap-Cleer is non-poisonous, non-caustic and environmentally friendly. It can be used in a variety of ways: to boost septic tank action, to clear grease and clogs, to treat grease traps, to treat cesspits, and even to sprinkle directly on leach fields. It contains biotic boosters for the bacteria that normally lives in your septic tank. It can also be used to help clean up spills, to clear grease clogs, and generally to help your septic system to be more efficient. You can read a full description of how Trap-Cleer works by downloading the .pdf file from our product website. Caution should be used in handling the product and it should be used according to directions. With that said, it is one of the better ways to manage problems with septic systems.

A word of caution: badly clogged or non-operational septic systems should be cleaned before applying Trap-Cleer. It is designed to break-down grease and other agents that are likely to clog lines. It is intended for use by professionals, and we will be happy to help you with it if you are in our area. If you live outside Superior Septic Services area, discuss use of Trap-Cleer with your local professional plumber or septic service.

Superior Septic Services products, including Trap-Cleer for septic tank system, are available through our online ordering system, or you can call us at (425)905-2485. Our goal is to support a better environment for everyone. As we have often remarked, everyone lives downstream or upstream from someone else. This Spaceship Earth is a large system, but it is a closed system, and it is up to us to take care of it.

Biotabs to Boost Septic Tank Bacteria

You can contact Superior Septic Services, in addition to our other septic services including installation and inspections, for home septic system products for sale. Mechanical things have a way of breaking down at any season, and being able to find replacement parts at a reasonable cost is always welcome. Your septic tank is not only a mechanical device, it is home to millions of microscopic creatures called bacteria. Biotab, one of our septic system products for sale, can boost septic tank bacteria.

Bacterial action in your septic tank tends to slow down in the winter. You can help keep it going by running some warm water into it each day. Your daily shower or a load of laundry will do. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, however, as that can harm the bacterial colonies in your septic system and prevent them from doing their job – which is to break down the waste from your home. If you suspect that your bacterial colonies need a boost, one way to give them some help is to flush a bio-tab down the toilet. The time release tablets will slowly dissolve in your septic tank, releasing more bacteria to help digest the solids from your bathroom and kitchen. The tablets are not harmful to humans and animals – although we still wouldn’t recommend swallowing them!

Superior Septic Services is always looking for new ways to help the people in our community. Offering cost effective products for your septic system is just one more way that we try to help. You can call us at (425)905-2485 to learn more about Biotabs, or you can order them from our online store page. In addition to the many septic system products for sale that we have in stock, we also offer products to inhibit tree roots, riser lids, riser lid screws and many other products that can help keep your septic system in good working order.

Septic Products for Sale – Little Helpers for Autumn Winterizing

Septic Products for Sale

As the seasons change, something often overlooked is septic system maintenance. This is the time when the conscientious homeowner is doing those last-minute repairs and taking the winterization steps that will keep his or her house running smoothly during the cold months. Superior Septic Services is not only available for assistance, but we also offer septic products for sale – including those that can be managed by dedicated do-it-yourself homeowners.

Getting your septic tank ready for the cold months might be part of your preparation. Cracked lids or leaks can cause heat loss in your septic tank, which – in turn – can cause the bacteria to slow down their processing of waste, or for the whole tank to freeze! We have lids, risers, and riser screws for sale, making replacement of these vital parts easy. We also have filters – something you might want to replace before winter sets in. Nothing like a clogged filter to back things up, and cause problems. We also have appropriate, septic tank-friendly chemicals for your use, including Blitaroot, an effective way to stop trees from poking their roots into your sewer drains.

Call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485 to learn more about our septic products for sale, or browse our online catalog. We strongly believe in providing good products for home repair persons. One of the best ways to ensure a job well done is to have good parts available for use. Patching materials together from repurposed parts sometimes work, but sometimes it turns out to cause problems. As always, we are happy to help.

Superior Septic Services Recommends Biotabs

Biotab for septic tank system maintenance

Superior Septic Services recommends Biotab for septic tank system maintenance to help maintain the efficiency of your septic tank. Now, we have mentioned in our blogs that most septic tanks don’t need additives to work correctly, and we will stand by that. But Biotabs are different.

Biotabs can be easily flushed down the toilet. They are the no muss, no fuss way to improve the efficiency of a sluggish septic tank. Septic tanks work by separating out the solids from the liquids, and then breaking down the solids so they take up less room. Biotabs, unlike many additives, are concentrated, time-release tablets of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. When flushed, the tabs fall to the bottom of your septic tank where they release these powerful little microscopic creatures who help your septic tank operate efficiently. This helps prolong the times between pumping, but even the most efficient septic tank will eventually fill up and need to be pumped. But putting off the day, and making those trips longer between times saves you money and cuts down on the inconvenience. As always, we are glad to help you save a little and to make your life a little bit easier.

Superior Septic Services recommends Biotabs for septic system for sale in our online store, just call (425)905-2485 or browse our online catalog. This is just one more way in which we can help our customers and others maintain their septic tank in good condition. Good maintenance of your home septic system is good not only for you, but for everyone else. When your septic tank is operating efficiently, it is more environmentally friendly than should it have a failure or a problem. Introducing added bacteria to help breakdown the contents of the tank helps with that efficiency.

Riser Lid Screws for Sale

riser lid screws for sale

Superior Septic Services has riser lid screws for sale. You might ask “What’s so special about riser lid screws?” Well, as you might guess from the name, riser lid screws keep the lids on your risers. That’s an important job for these little screws, and for your septic system.

Risers are the tower-like structures that reach up from your septic tank to a level where an inspector or repair person can check on how well your septic tank is doing its job. The lids on the risers help keep people, pets, and other things from getting into your septic tank. The screws hold those lids down nice and tight when they are not in official use, keeping curious youngsters of all species from making an unfortunate exploration of your septic tank. The word “septic” comes from a Greek word that means putrefaction – and that is what happens during the composting process that goes on inside your septic tank. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that no one wants a curious two-year-old thinking that the risers might make a good place to play hide-and-seek. Riser screws are magnificently important when you think about how vital it is to keep that riser lid fastened down securely.

You can order your riser screws and many other materials for your septic tank for our materials website. We take both pride and pleasure from being able to supply home customers and even small businesses with these vital supplies. Riser screws are small, but they are mighty – and they are only one of the many items we offer. We are glad to provide this service to you and hope that it will help keep your home sanitation system working properly for many years to come.