Maintaining Your Everett Septic System is Easier with Risers

Anything that can make your life easier is something worth considering. Risers for septic systems in Everett are one of those things. They may not be essential, but they make the process of cleaning and maintaining your septic system a lot easier. There are several reasons getting risers installed on your septic system is a fantastic idea.

Reminds You to Get the Maintenance Work

The adage “out of sight out of mind” can be true of your septic system. It functions quietly in the background, and it is easy to forget to do those regular maintenance jobs that need to be done. For example, it should be pumped out every three years. Risers can be seen and are a constant reminder of the septic system beneath the ground.

Safety First

Risers can help keep your family safe. The risers today are designed so that children can’t just tamper with them. Pets and kids are protected from unsecured covers. They are secure enough to prevent accidents from happening.

Preventing Surface Water from Entering the Tank

Surface water from rain or flooding can seep into the tank. This is not something you want to happen. If you have septic risers that come with waterproof seals, so you do not have to worry about this problem.

Helps with Landscaping

When you have the septic system pumped or inspected, you may need to dig up the area around the tank unless you have septic risers. The risers make it easier to access the tank and are very cost-effective. You put them in place instead of paying the cost of the digging.

At Superior Septic Service, we can provide risers for septic systems in Everett. Contact us today at (425) 905-2485.

Need Affordable Septic Parts In Lake Stevens? Septic Products Now Has You Covered!

Need Affordable Septic Parts In Lake Stevens? Septic Products Now Has You Covered!


Your septic system is vital to your home. Maintaining it means using the right products and parts to ensure everything is operating smoothly. It also means locating affordable septic parts in Lake Stevens. At Septic Products Now we know all about septic systems and what is needed to keep them up and running. We can help you maintain your system and prevent problems. Check out two of our most popular products below.

Root Control

Bushes and trees send out roots that can severely damage a septic system. If not dealt with, they can ruin a system bad enough; it needs to be replaced. It is much more cost-effective to prevent the problem. Root Control help stop roots from getting into your septic tank. It can also prevent roots from getting tangled in the drain field lines. Plus, it does all of this without damaging the tree or bush. It simply kills the roots in the area of the tank.


Good bacteria is essential for maintaining a healthy septic tank. Bio-tabs provide that bacteria without damaging your septic system. These tabs are flushed down the toilet and work to keep everything moving along smoothly. The bacteria eat away at the sewage, which prevents smells, back-ups, and more.

Keeping Your Tank Operational

Septic Products Now has a variety of other parts that can help with your septic system too. We have riser lids, riser screws, and more. Our friendly staff is here to answer any questions you might have and help you find the right part for the job. If you need affordable septic parts in Lake Stevens, we can help. Contact us today at (425) 905-2485.

Check Out Our Septic Products for Sale in Everett

Check Out Our Septic Products for Sale in Everett

If you have a septic tank system keeping it in good working condition is essential. The last thing you want is a serious problem with your septic tank. That can end up being a costly, major repair. Superior Septic Services not only repairs, installs, and provides routine maintenance on septic systems but now offers you even more. We have septic products for sale in Everett that can keep your system running smoothly.


These concentrated tablets make treating your septic system a breeze. Just flush the tablet down the toilet, and you are done. Use regularly to keep your system in good condition. They help with slow drains, bad odors, and other problems.


Trap-Cleer is an environmentally safe product that is used to break down heave soap and grease. It can help in municipal plants, sewage ponds, later lines, and pump stations.

Blitaroot Lynzyme Root Contol

Blitaroot is an easy to apply root product that can save your septic system from root damage. It kills the roots that are in storm or sanitary sewers while leaving the bush or tree safe. It has no copper and has 2x the killing power of other brands.

Zabella A-1800 Slide-In Outlet Filter Cartridge

Designed to slide in a 4” PVC baffle tee, it comes with a lifetime warranty. It can be used for residential applications and is a very efficient filtering system.

Standard Riser Lids

Available in various sizes and blends well with the surroundings. We also offer riser lid screws.

Superior Septic Services can supply your septic system needs. We are a full-service septic supply store. We guarantee to have the best prices on whatever you need for your septic tank. To inquire about our septic products for sale in Everett, contact us today at (425) 905-2485.

Accessories For Septic Tank Systems in Arlington Can Keep Things Working Smoothly

Accessories For Septic Tank Systems in Arlington Can Keep Things Working Smoothly

If you want to be able to keep your septic tank system functioning at peak performance, you need to take care of it. That means yearly maintenance and keeping an eye out for problems. But there are some accessories for septic tank systems in Arlington that can help you keep everything running smoothly.

Preventing Problems

Septic tank troubles can mean costly repairs. But if you are caring for your system, potential problems are avoided. If serious issues do occur, it can mean having to dig up the tank. Not something you want to have to do. The right accessories can help prevent those problems and help you avoid the need for a plumber.


Bio-tabs are concentrated tablets that you use to treat your septic tank system. They are convenient and mess-free, unlike liquid products or powders you may have used in the past. These tablets help keep your drains moving freely and removes foul odors. It can also help your toilet work more efficiently.

Maintenance Tools

Any system can become damaged or less efficient over time. This includes your sewer line and sewer tank. However, Septic Products Now has a full selection of maintenance tools that allows you to keep things in tip-top shape. We have a variety of septic tank cleaning products that you can safely use on a routine basis. Our root-control sewer drain items ensure your sewer line stays clear of problems.

Keep it Flowing!

If you have problems with clogged drains, toilet issues, or want to make sure your septic system is working well, call us today at (425) 905–2485. We can introduce you to our line of accessories for septic tank systems in Arlington. Our friendly staff can go over the type of system you have and what you need to maintain it.

What are the Benefits of Risers For Septic Systems in Monroe?

What are the Benefits of Risers For Septic Systems in Monroe?


If you are like most homeowners with septic tanks, your tank is buried underground, and finding it can be difficult. After all, how often do you need to access it? But when it comes time for inspections or pumping out, you want to be able to access it quickly and easily. Well, Superior Septic Services has septic systems in Monroe with products that make it accessing your septic tank a breeze.

Risers Make Access Easy

When you add risers to your septic, it makes it the lid visible. They can be placed above ground, or you can have them placed just below ground. This means no more tearing up your yard to find where your septic tank opening sits. If your septic tanks need to be emptied or inspected, it is much easier to do. A full excavation is no longer necessary. So what are the benefits in septic tank risers? Check them out:

  • Easy to find your septic tank
  • Easier access for inspection and emptying out
  • Saves you money over time – you don’t have to pay for excavations
  • No need for extensive excavations

Products You Can Trust

We offer not only risers but other products that can ensure your septic system operates smoothly.  This includes items such as :

  • Bio-tabs
  • Trap-Cleer
  • Blitaroot Lenzyme Root Control
  • Filters, and more

If your home doesn’t already have risers, it should. Don’t wait until something happens that requires you to have to dig and hunt for your septic tank. Be proactive and have risers installed. To find out more about our risers and how they can benefit you call Superior Septic Services, LLC at (425) 905 – 2485. Our septic systems in Monroe are satisfaction guaranteed.