Do You Need Help With Septic Tank System Maintenance In Snohomish?

Do You Need Help With Septic Tank System Maintenance In Snohomish?

Did you know that the average home will produce about 85,000 gallons or more of wastewater each year? This means that you need to be sure that your septic system is always in excellent condition so that it can take care of the output for your home on a daily basis. Taking part in regular septic tank system maintenance in Snohomish is the best way to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Your septic tank should be inspected once a year to ensure that everything is going smoothly. This is something that you can do on your own, or you can enlist the help of a trusted septic professional in the Snohomish area. There can be some warning signs that will tell you that it is time to call someone that will come right away for service, including:

  • Backups into your plumbing system
  • Gurgling sounds when you are running water, or you flush the toilets
  • Drains that are slow to empty or frequently clog in different areas of the home
  • Sewage surfacing in your yard or foul odors coming from the portion of your yard where the septic system is located

If you are getting ready to maintain your septic system to keep it running, we want you to know that we have all the parts that you need at Superior Septic Parts. We also have products that you can use to ensure that your system is able to maintain the right amount of beneficial bacteria to keep it running efficiently at all times.

Septic tank system maintenance in Snohomish is never something you want to slack on. We can help with the parts you need at Superior Septic Parts. Call (425) 905-2485!

Finding The Best Septic Accessories For Sale In Lake Stevens

Finding The Best Septic Accessories For Sale In Lake Stevens

Septic tanks include a variety of parts that all need to be in good condition for the system to work properly. If you are looking for high-quality septic accessories for sale in Lake Stevens, it is best that you do some research to find the right supplier. This is where we can help at Superior Septic Services. We get you the septic products that you need now!

Regardless of the parts you are looking for, we either have it in stock or we can get it for you in a timely fashion. We feature a full selection of lids and riser for septic tanks and we have a wide variety of accessories for septic systems and items that you need to maintain your setup.

How often do you get that feeling of dread when you know that you will have to get your system dug up each time that you need it inspected or pumped? Have you noticed that you have concrete risers that are beginning to deteriorate? If you can relate to these issues or you are sick of lifting the big, heavy lid when you need to access your septic, tank, we have the riser systems you need to enhance your septic system.

In addition to the septic risers and lids that we offer, you can also count on our professional staff at Superior Septic Services to give you all of the guidance that you need when it comes to your septic system. We can also be available to assist with your installation and repair needs. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we will be happy to let you know how we can help.

When you need to find septic accessories for sale in Lake Stevens, Superior Septic Services can help. Call us today at (425) 905-2485 with inquiries.

Count On Us For Affordable Septic Parts In Everett

Count On Us For Affordable Septic Parts In Everett

Whenever you are looking at repairing your septic system, it is crucial that you have access to the right parts. This will inevitably break down over time, so remaining proactive about your septic maintenance will always be beneficial. If you are in need of affordable septic parts in Everett, it is equally as important that you get high-quality parts from a reputable vendor.

For example, taking the time to replace an effluent pump may be a bit time consuming but the results will be well worth it. You may also have an issue where you want to rebuild your aerator or you have to replace it. In order to take any of these or other septic projects on, the right parts will make a world of difference.

When shopping around for septic parts, you should always know that going with the cheapest will not always be the best. There is a fine line between spending too much and getting affordable products that are still going to perform properly. This is where our team at Superior Septic Products can help.

We carry a vast selection of the replacement septic parts and septic products that you need to keep your system up and running beautifully at all times. You can count on us for affordable pricing on products such as:

  • Root control
  • Riser lids and screws
  • Trap cleaner
  • Septic enzymes
  • Filter cartridges, and much more

We have the products that you need and our staff is always available to address whatever questions or concerns that you may have. As a team of septic professionals, we have a vast amount of knowledge of the industry, which gives us the advantage when it comes to supplying our customers with quality, affordable products.

If you are looking for affordable septic parts in Everett to keep your system in great shape, call Superior Septic Parts at (425) 905-2485.

Finding High-Quality Septic Products For Sale In Arlington

Finding High-Quality Septic Products For Sale In Arlington

When you have a home that includes a septic system, you need to understand how it works and the right way to maintain it. Even if you have a septic service that you can call for service and repairs, it is best that you also have access to quality septic products for sale in Arlington that you can count on should you need replacement parts.

Your septic system is buried in your yard and it is always working to break down the waste that enters into it. While you may not give it much thought, your septic tank system is always there breaking down the solid waste and separating the liquid so that it can be filtered safely into the earth surrounding it. Should you need parts for replacement or you are looking for products that are safe to use inside your system, you can count on us at Septic Products Now.

We carry a wide selection of products that are made for a range of septic systems and all of the various treatments that go with them. Not only are we available to match you to the right parts you are looking for but we can also offer advice on how and what to use to keep your system up and running beautifully.

Are you looking for a product that will help you to control roots around your lines so that you do not have to worry about a blockage from root infiltration? Are you in need of a new riser lid or riser lid screws? These are all things that we are happy to provide for you.

If you are looking for great septic products for sale in Arlington you can count on, contact us at Septic Products Now. Call us today at (425) 905-2485.

Riser Lid Screws for Snohomish County, Washington

Riser Lid Screws for Snohomish County, Washington

Superior Septic Services takes great pride in providing riser lid screws for Snohomish County, Washington, and surrounding areas. Riser lid screws are often an overlooked, but very important, part of your septic tank repair and maintenance.

Riser screws are a necessity if you want to be sure that you have an all-around functional septic tank system. These screws help to guide the people who need to work on the septic tank to the location of the access hatch so that they are not spending time searching for it. They also provide a place to fasten a good riser lid so that kids, pets, and any other visitors to your property are safe from exposure. However, even a quality, strategically-installed riser lid won’t help if it is not fastened securely into place. The solution is easy, and it comes in the form of good riser lid screws that hold that lid on nice and firm so that it takes determination, know-how, and tools to get it off.

The riser lid screws that we offer to our customers come in sets of four 2 1/2” or 3 ½ “ sizes. They have a standard screwdriver slot, as well as a hex nut shape. Be sure that you take the time to inspect your riser lid screws regularly, looking for signs of corrosion, looseness, or sewer seepage. Always use caution when replacing riser lid screws, and if you see something unusual, you can call on Superior Septic Services for assistance. We provide professional septic tank parts as a courtesy, not as a replacement for professional services. You can call (425) 905-2485 to learn more about our septic tank parts or to request assistance.

Enjoy Efficiency Year Round With Trap Cleer

Enjoy Efficiency Year Round With Trap Cleer

Lenzyme’s Trap Cleer is a professional grade preparation of enzymes and bacteria specifically developed to handle drain problems and spills. It can be used for all kinds of things, from clean up in automotive garages to taking care of sewage spills or clearing up problems in septic pits or tanks. It is available in professional grade volumes, but can also be packaged for private use.

Superior Septic Services offers Trap Cleer as part of our septic tank/home septic system management products. There are many products out there that claim to be useful for your septic tank, but the real truth is that most of them are not. Some can even harm the biological stew that makes your septic tank work efficiently. If it is sufficiently damaged, about the only thing a homeowner can do is to have the tank pumped and begin over.

Lenzyme’s Trap Cleer is non-corrosive, non-poisonous, non-toxic and non-caustic. Even so, it should be handled carefully, using manufacturer directions preferably by a licensed septic worker. However, we offer it along with other genuine septic repair supplies through our online store for your convenience.

Here at Superior Septic Services, we have Lenzyme’s Trap Cleer for sale because we believe that providing professional grade parts and supplies will help both licensed septic repair people and DIY homeowners to maintain home septic systems appropriately. We not only offer Trap Cleer, we also have Blitaroot, for removing the roots from your drain, risers, riser lids, and riser screws. You can purchase these parts by accessing our online store or by calling (425) 905-2485 to learn more about our many services. We are dedicated to helping you keep your home sanitation system running in a quiet, unobtrusive and ecologically safe and efficient kind of way. These products are just one small part of the service we offer our community.

Environmental Standard Riser Pipes for Sale

Environmental Standard Riser Pipes for SaleSuperior Septic Services has environmental standard riser pipes for sale. Riser pipes are an eight to twelve-inch diameter pipe that extends from the top of your septic tank to the surface. They make it easier to locate your septic tank and to service it because it is then a simple matter of removing the lid for inspection, pumping or other maintenance.


Riser pipes need to be covered securely with a riser pipe lid that is properly secured with the correct screws for the job. We can provide all of those things at a reasonable cost. The pipes can be installed at a level where only the lid is showing above ground, or it can even be recessed slightly to allow a thin layer of grass to be planted over it. This makes it easy to maintain the lawn as usual. Even with this light grass layer, the risers make maintenance of your septic tank much easier for a repair or maintenance service.


Maintaining the lids and risers in good condition are an important part of septic tank maintenance. The lids help keep rainwater out of the tank, as well as protecting passersby from accidentally falling into the tank. The light grass layer helps to maintain the esthetics of your lawn while concealing the septic opening from curious children or animals. The importance of keeping the lids properly maintained and secured cannot be overemphasized.


You can find environmental standard riser pipes for sale by going to our online catalog ordering page or by calling Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485. Our goal in providing this service is to make professional quality parts and materials available to you. There are many additives on the market that do as much harm as good to your septic tank. Genuine professional parts help you to maintain your home septic system appropriately.

Standard Riser Lids for Sale

Standard Riser Lids for Sale



At Superior Septic Services we know how extremely important it is to keep the riser lids on a septic tank in excellent condition. That is why we offer two sizes of standard riser lids for sale.

Riser lids cover the opening that allows workmen to look inside the septic tank or to provide a way to insert a hose for pumping. Keeping them in good shape cuts down on the chance that someone or something might fall into the septic tank itself. It also keeps rainwater from running into the tank and causing it to overflow, carrying unfiltered sewage into nearby drainage ditches or streams. Riser lids should not be allowed to come loose, either, so we have screws that you need to fasten them down securely. Screws, since they are made of metal, can corrode over time. This can allow the lid to loosen, and perhaps even slide off. Good riser lids and genuine riser screws are excellent preventative measures for cutting down on accidents around your septic tank. We’ve all read the horror stories about animals and even humans falling into septic tanks. A solid lid that is correctly fastened down is an excellent way to make sure that your septic tank doesn’t make any sort of news.

You can order your standard riser lids for sale from Superior Septic Services by going to our online catalog page and using the order form here, or you can call us at (425) 905-2485. We are always glad to help. That is why we are offering genuine, professional grade items for your septic tank. Not all products “out there” that are offered for septic tanks work as advertised, and some can harm the bacterial colonies in your septic tank. Our products are professional grade items intended to for septic tank systems.

Zabel A-1800 slide-in outlet filter cartridge for sale at Reduced Price

Zabel A 1800 slide in outlet


Superior Septic Products has the Zabel A-1800 slide-in outlet filter cartridge for sale. This is a great product for homeowners who are concerned about whether their septic tank system will be effective in filtering solids and keeping them out of the general environment.


Outlet filters are used as the last step before liquids exit the septic tank and flow into the leach field for soil and evaporation filtering. The Zabel A-1800 is constructed to slide into a four-inch PVC baffle tee and is highly effective at removing those last bits of solids. In recent years, there have been concerns about whether septic tanks are effective at keeping solids bearing e-coli contaminants out of streams, lakes and other freshwater systems. The Zabel filter is one more way to help clean the black water from your home, making it ready for the leach field and the next step in preparing moisture from your household waste for its return to the wild. It is easy to install, and easy to maintain – two pieces of good news for the conscientious homeowner. The part comes with a lifetime warranty, but all things wear out over time. Now is a good time to purchase your outlet filter, as they are currently available at a reduced price.


You can order authentic septic tank parts and accessories from our website, or give Superior Septic Services a call at (425) 905-2485 to learn more about the items available from our product website. We understand that while septic tanks are stable technology that can be ignored at most times that even this simple mechanism can develop problems. It is our goal to provide necessary parts so that homeowners and small business owners will have a ready source of authentic septic materials.

Lenzyme Trap-Cleer for Your Septic System


Lenzyme Trap-Cleer for Your Septic System

Superior Septic Services, LLC, has Lenzyme Trap-Cleer for your septic system. Lenzyme produces and packages enzymes and bacteria for your septic system. Designed to help break down the solids and clear up grease and biological material that can block the pipes between your house and the septic tank, or even between the septic tank and the leach field, the materials are marketed to companies that deal with septic systems. Lenzyme kindly labels the products according the logo of the company that will be retailing them.

When you buy trap-cleer, a substance designed to break down grease and oil in your septic system, from us, it how our logo, Superior Septic Services, LLC, with our little blue mascot on the package. That is your assurance that you are getting an effective product that will help keep your home sanitation system free of unwanted grease and grime buildup, without harming the biota living in your septic tank. You might be aware of the way fat mixed with other waste is beginning to clog sewers in large cities such as New York, London and Seattle. Although it is advisable to pour grease into a container for disposal in your regular trash pickup or recycling system, sometimes even in the best regulated households grease can cause buildup in drains. When that happens Lenzyme Trap-Cleer from our online store can help you clear out the unwanted buildup and keep healthy bacteria colonies performing well inside your septic tank.

You can order Trap-Cleer and other genuine, effective supplies for your home sanitation system from Superior Septic Services, LLC from our online store or you can contact us by calling (425)905-2485. This is just one more way we are endeavoring to help our neighbors and our customers. You might say that our business is taking care of your business.