Benefits of Septic Risers in Lake Stevens

If you want to make the maintenance and upkeep of your septic system a great deal easier, you might want to consider investing in risers. We all know anything that makes our life easier is a good thing, especially when caring for and cleaning septic tanks. Risers for septic systems in Lake Stevens have several benefits.

Let’s take a look at what they are so you know exactly why you should invest in them:

Prevents Surface Water Problems

Surface water can enter your septic tank and cause problems. There may be standing water after storms or just water from heavy rains. It can seep into the tank over time. Risers have waterproof seals that can prevent that from happening.

Great Maintenance Reminder

Regular maintenance is the key to a well-operating septic system. Risers are a visual reminder of your system. Your tank should be pumped out roughly every three years. Without the right maintenance, you are going to end up with problems.

Helps Keep Kids & Pets Safe

Unsecure covers can be tampered with by pets and children. They are both curious, and this can lead to serious problems. Modern septic risers provide the security needed to prevent potentially tragic accidents from happening.

Improves Your Landscape

Risers make it easy to access your septic system, meaning no digging up the yard around it for an inspection or pump out. With risers, you can even landscape around your tank. It is cost-effective and a time saver.

We Have the Septic Products You Need

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