Best Methods For Septic Tank System Maintenance In Everett

Maintaining your septic system is a huge part of avoiding major breakdowns and issues. That’s why it’s important to understand and know the best methods for septic tank system maintenance in Everett. At Superior Septic Services, we strive to help clients do just that. With a variety of products and services, you can maintain a solid, smooth-running system at all times.


Regular maintenance inspections of your septic system can help prevent major breakdowns or backups. An inspection will help to catch small issues and maintain the system properly.


Part of maintaining your septic system includes adding products that will help the tank do its job. For example, Bio-Tab is a great additive that will help liquefy the materials in the tank, help drains that are moving slow, and keep your system working properly.

Pump The Tank

Part of maintenance includes pumping out the septic tank from time to time. Typically tanks need to be pumped anywhere from two to five years. If you’re noticing drains moving slow or having trouble with flushing toilets, it may be time to consider a pump.

Reduce Water Waste

When your appliances are connected to the tank, you want to use water-conserving appliances to help reduce water waste. For example, low-flow toilets or faucets can cut back on the amount of water the tank must handle daily.

Watch What You Flush!

Good maintenance also includes ensuring not to flush items down the toilet that could cause blockages.

If you require septic tank system maintenance in Everett, be sure to reach out to the experts today by calling (425) 905-2485. We look forward to assisting you in all your septic and sewer needs.