Blitaroot Lenzyme Root Control Septic Product for Sale

Blitaroot Lenzyme Root Control septic product for sale

Superior Septic Services offers reliable products for your home septic system. This week, as we are currently entering spring and early summer, we are highlighting Blitaroot Lenzyme Root Control.

Tree roots are a problem in both groundwater drains and sewage lines. Trees quite naturally send their roots searching after moisture and nutrients. In sewer lines, especially, they can find both. Blitaroot offers a limiting solution that requires no digging, no tools, and yet will not harm your trees. A 1.6-pound application should be enough for a full year – depending upon the length of the line. That amount will treat up to 100 feet of a four-inch pipe. If you already have a problem with roots in your sewer or drain lines, they might need to be cleared mechanically before applying the Blitaroot. However, without some sort of preventative application, the roots will grow back quickly and even more vigorously. Blitaroot does not contain any copper and is contained in a latex base. It foams its way along the length of your pipe, coating the interior and inhibiting root growth inside the drains. In one sense of the word, you could say that it makes the line taste bad to the trees, so they sent their roots somewhere else.

Superior Septic Services offers reliable products for your home septic system, including Blitaroot Lenzyme Root Control. Our products are available online, where you can order them using the ordering tools offered in our catalog. We also offer lids, screws, bio-tab and Trap-cleer – just to name a few of the products that can help keep your home septic system quietly doing its job. It is our pleasure to be able to offer this service to home and business owners who maintain home septic systems.