Check Out Our Septic Products for Sale in Everett

Check Out Our Septic Products for Sale in Everett

If you have a septic tank system keeping it in good working condition is essential. The last thing you want is a serious problem with your septic tank. That can end up being a costly, major repair. Superior Septic Services not only repairs, installs, and provides routine maintenance on septic systems but now offers you even more. We have septic products for sale in Everett that can keep your system running smoothly.


These concentrated tablets make treating your septic system a breeze. Just flush the tablet down the toilet, and you are done. Use regularly to keep your system in good condition. They help with slow drains, bad odors, and other problems.


Trap-Cleer is an environmentally safe product that is used to break down heave soap and grease. It can help in municipal plants, sewage ponds, later lines, and pump stations.

Blitaroot Lynzyme Root Contol

Blitaroot is an easy to apply root product that can save your septic system from root damage. It kills the roots that are in storm or sanitary sewers while leaving the bush or tree safe. It has no copper and has 2x the killing power of other brands.

Zabella A-1800 Slide-In Outlet Filter Cartridge

Designed to slide in a 4” PVC baffle tee, it comes with a lifetime warranty. It can be used for residential applications and is a very efficient filtering system.

Standard Riser Lids

Available in various sizes and blends well with the surroundings. We also offer riser lid screws.

Superior Septic Services can supply your septic system needs. We are a full-service septic supply store. We guarantee to have the best prices on whatever you need for your septic tank. To inquire about our septic products for sale in Everett, contact us today at (425) 905-2485.