Environmental Standard Riser Pipes for Sale

Environmental Standard Riser Pipes for SaleSuperior Septic Services has environmental standard riser pipes for sale. Riser pipes are an eight to twelve-inch diameter pipe that extends from the top of your septic tank to the surface. They make it easier to locate your septic tank and to service it because it is then a simple matter of removing the lid for inspection, pumping or other maintenance.


Riser pipes need to be covered securely with a riser pipe lid that is properly secured with the correct screws for the job. We can provide all of those things at a reasonable cost. The pipes can be installed at a level where only the lid is showing above ground, or it can even be recessed slightly to allow a thin layer of grass to be planted over it. This makes it easy to maintain the lawn as usual. Even with this light grass layer, the risers make maintenance of your septic tank much easier for a repair or maintenance service.


Maintaining the lids and risers in good condition are an important part of septic tank maintenance. The lids help keep rainwater out of the tank, as well as protecting passersby from accidentally falling into the tank. The light grass layer helps to maintain the esthetics of your lawn while concealing the septic opening from curious children or animals. The importance of keeping the lids properly maintained and secured cannot be overemphasized.


You can find environmental standard riser pipes for sale by going to our online catalog ordering page or by calling Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485. Our goal in providing this service is to make professional quality parts and materials available to you. There are many additives on the market that do as much harm as good to your septic tank. Genuine professional parts help you to maintain your home septic system appropriately.