Maintaining Your Everett Septic System is Easier with Risers

Anything that can make your life easier is something worth considering. Risers for septic systems in Everett are one of those things. They may not be essential, but they make the process of cleaning and maintaining your septic system a lot easier. There are several reasons getting risers installed on your septic system is a fantastic idea.

Reminds You to Get the Maintenance Work

The adage “out of sight out of mind” can be true of your septic system. It functions quietly in the background, and it is easy to forget to do those regular maintenance jobs that need to be done. For example, it should be pumped out every three years. Risers can be seen and are a constant reminder of the septic system beneath the ground.

Safety First

Risers can help keep your family safe. The risers today are designed so that children can’t just tamper with them. Pets and kids are protected from unsecured covers. They are secure enough to prevent accidents from happening.

Preventing Surface Water from Entering the Tank

Surface water from rain or flooding can seep into the tank. This is not something you want to happen. If you have septic risers that come with waterproof seals, so you do not have to worry about this problem.

Helps with Landscaping

When you have the septic system pumped or inspected, you may need to dig up the area around the tank unless you have septic risers. The risers make it easier to access the tank and are very cost-effective. You put them in place instead of paying the cost of the digging.

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