OBlitaroot from Lenzyme: Clear your Lines, and Keep Your Trees

OBlitaroot from Lenzyme: Clear your Lines, and Keep Your Trees

Superior Septic Services, Inc., offers professional grade helpers for your septic tank. Oblitiroot (or Blitiroot as it is sometimes called) from Lenzyme is a compound that can help clear tree roots from your septic lines without harming your trees or bushes.

Trees love septic tanks, and why not? Septic tanks (as far as they are concerned) are full of the goodies that make trees grow big and strong – fertilizer and water. The problem is that tree or bush roots can fill up your septic lines or even your septic tank, leaving little or no room for the things that should go in there. To diagnose obstructions in your tank or lines, call on a professional technician (that’s us) who has a camera that can view the inside of your drain lines and tank. If tree roots turn out to be the problem we can run a cleaning tool down blocked drains and introduce an additive –Oblitaroot—that will discourage the tree roots from coming back. If tree roots are a regular problem, we can sell the product to you and give you instructions on how to use it correctly. The good news here is that even though it discourages tree roots in your drains, it doesn’t damage your trees or shrubs – so your landscaping is safe.

You can order Oblitiroot or Blitiroot directly from Superior Septic Services’ online septic product store, or call (425) 905-2485 to learn more about our products for your home septic system. Unlike many of the additives and so-called septic tank helpers that can be found on the market today, our products work. We also have spare parts such as septic tank lids, replacement lids and the screws needed to hold them down. We understand the spirit of DIY and want to provide quality products for you.