SepticProductsNow.com Celebrates It’s One Year Anniversary

 online Septic Products store

Superior Septic Services added this online product catalog in February of 2017, so this is the one-year anniversary of our online Septic Products store.  There are a lot of products out there that say that they are good for your septic tank. In a few cases, that might be true, but too often such things impact your septic tanks performance in a negative way.

We’d like to celebrate our Septic Products one-year anniversary by sharing some thoughts with you – and backing them up with some on-sale products. Maybe you’ve read about the dreaded “fatbergs” that can be found in some city sewers. If you have a habit of pouring grease and cooking oil down your drains, you can get mini-fatbergs in your lines, too! You can help break down these fatty deposits by using Trap-Cleer. It is also good for organic spills. We are coming up on a good time to change out your outlet filters. We stock the Zabel A-1800 slide in filter. We also have standard riser lids on our “for sale” list. Our septic products help you by providing a supply of professional strength and quality items that can be used for basic sewer repairs. Prevention is often the best kind of repair, so we are glad to make lids, screws and simple additives available to you.

Superior Septic Services is celebrating the one-year anniversary of our online Septic Products store, order online or call us at (425)905-2485. We are glad to share access to these professional products. We know that sometimes all it takes to prevent a disaster is to get in ahead of the problem with a replacement lid, a screw or a little something to clean those tree roots out of the drains. We love the business from our customers, but we also like to be good neighbors. Passing along information and making good products available is part of that process.