Standard Riser Lids for Sale

Standard Riser Lids for Sale



At Superior Septic Services we know how extremely important it is to keep the riser lids on a septic tank in excellent condition. That is why we offer two sizes of standard riser lids for sale.

Riser lids cover the opening that allows workmen to look inside the septic tank or to provide a way to insert a hose for pumping. Keeping them in good shape cuts down on the chance that someone or something might fall into the septic tank itself. It also keeps rainwater from running into the tank and causing it to overflow, carrying unfiltered sewage into nearby drainage ditches or streams. Riser lids should not be allowed to come loose, either, so we have screws that you need to fasten them down securely. Screws, since they are made of metal, can corrode over time. This can allow the lid to loosen, and perhaps even slide off. Good riser lids and genuine riser screws are excellent preventative measures for cutting down on accidents around your septic tank. We’ve all read the horror stories about animals and even humans falling into septic tanks. A solid lid that is correctly fastened down is an excellent way to make sure that your septic tank doesn’t make any sort of news.

You can order your standard riser lids for sale from Superior Septic Services by going to our online catalog page and using the order form here, or you can call us at (425) 905-2485. We are always glad to help. That is why we are offering genuine, professional grade items for your septic tank. Not all products “out there” that are offered for septic tanks work as advertised, and some can harm the bacterial colonies in your septic tank. Our products are professional grade items intended to for septic tank systems.