Trap-Cleer For Sale

Trap-cleer for saleSuperior Septic Services has Trap-Cleer for sale online. It is only one of the small items we have made available, along with a few larger items to improve life with your home septic system.

While there are many ineffective products on the market purported to help septic systems, Trap-Cleer is one product that no home septic system should be without. No matter how careful you are with your home septic system, crusty matter builds up inside drain pipes. It is usually composed of grease and vegetable matter from your kitchen, along with scrapings of solids from the bathroom. If you have hard water, this material can also combine with minerals and other sludge that naturally separates out from the liquids. All of this stuff will build up on the inside of your drain pipes, slowly narrowing the interior capacity for your drains to carry effluent away from your home. Once it has built up sufficiently, it can even create a blockage. Trap-cleer cleans the plaque off the inside of your drains. Used as directed, it is safe for your drains and, also, for your septic tank. As with all such chemical preparations, it should, however, be kept out of reach of children and pets.

We have Trap-Cleer for sale online, and it is only one of the many septic system products that Superior Septic Services is now offering. You an order our products online, or call us at (425)905-2485. We have always taken pride in offering fine services to our community. We are happy to offer this additional service to the many handy home-owners who might find themselves taxed with caring for their sanitary systems. We know that every job goes a little bit better if you have the right parts and materials at hand.