Biotabs to Boost Septic Tank Bacteria

You can contact Superior Septic Services, in addition to our other septic services including installation and inspections, for home septic system products for sale. Mechanical things have a way of breaking down at any season, and being able to find replacement parts at a reasonable cost is always welcome. Your septic tank is not only a mechanical device, it is home to millions of microscopic creatures called bacteria. Biotab, one of our septic system products for sale, can boost septic tank bacteria.

Bacterial action in your septic tank tends to slow down in the winter. You can help keep it going by running some warm water into it each day. Your daily shower or a load of laundry will do. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach, however, as that can harm the bacterial colonies in your septic system and prevent them from doing their job – which is to break down the waste from your home. If you suspect that your bacterial colonies need a boost, one way to give them some help is to flush a bio-tab down the toilet. The time release tablets will slowly dissolve in your septic tank, releasing more bacteria to help digest the solids from your bathroom and kitchen. The tablets are not harmful to humans and animals – although we still wouldn’t recommend swallowing them!

Superior Septic Services is always looking for new ways to help the people in our community. Offering cost effective products for your septic system is just one more way that we try to help. You can call us at (425)905-2485 to learn more about Biotabs, or you can order them from our online store page. In addition to the many septic system products for sale that we have in stock, we also offer products to inhibit tree roots, riser lids, riser lid screws and many other products that can help keep your septic system in good working order.