Riser Lid Screws for Sale

riser lid screws for sale

Superior Septic Services has riser lid screws for sale. You might ask “What’s so special about riser lid screws?” Well, as you might guess from the name, riser lid screws keep the lids on your risers. That’s an important job for these little screws, and for your septic system.

Risers are the tower-like structures that reach up from your septic tank to a level where an inspector or repair person can check on how well your septic tank is doing its job. The lids on the risers help keep people, pets, and other things from getting into your septic tank. The screws hold those lids down nice and tight when they are not in official use, keeping curious youngsters of all species from making an unfortunate exploration of your septic tank. The word “septic” comes from a Greek word that means putrefaction – and that is what happens during the composting process that goes on inside your septic tank. It doesn’t take much thought to realize that no one wants a curious two-year-old thinking that the risers might make a good place to play hide-and-seek. Riser screws are magnificently important when you think about how vital it is to keep that riser lid fastened down securely.

You can order your riser screws and many other materials for your septic tank for our materials website. We take both pride and pleasure from being able to supply home customers and even small businesses with these vital supplies. Riser screws are small, but they are mighty – and they are only one of the many items we offer. We are glad to provide this service to you and hope that it will help keep your home sanitation system working properly for many years to come.